The People


The Gartner Group published a report entitled 'Creating the Next-Generation IS Organization' (1) looking at the factors which will be important for companies to consider when recruiting IS personnel. Whether they be internal staff or external consultants the findings are the same. The report concludes that...


"A focus on business and behavioural competencies in recruitment, training and development will be critical to success."


J7's Managing Director, Graeme Whyte has a proven track record of understanding and awareness of the business needs of his clients and has the right personal attitudes and characteristics to ensure IT strategies are clearly discussed, communicated and implemented. The technologies utilised today are different from 5 and 10 years ago and will, no doubt, be different in 5 years to come. The technical skills can be advanced and learned through training, but the core competencies of business awareness and personal attitudes & characteristics are inherent in the individual. It is these qualities that J7 seek in any of it's partners.


  Graeme Whyte

Business Systems Analysis and Design
Relational Database Technologies
Networking/Exchange/Office 365
Website Design and Technologies
Accounting Systems

  Alan Black Business Systems Analysis and Design
Relational Database Technologies
Accounting Systems
  Systems Suppliers J7 remains independent of any particular supplier of hardware and hardware engineering services companies. However, they will recommend shortlists of companies who can provide the important backup required for delivery of any hardware platform and on-going support.



For further information contact Graeme on 01383 728733 or simply send an email.


1. Gartner Group, Creating the Next Generation IS Organization, Chris Goodhue, 26B, SPG3, 5/01 Copyright © 2001.