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COVID-19 Statement
15 March 2022

I am pleased to confirm that I have had both COVID-19 jabs and the booster, so I continue to be COVID-safe from a vaccine perspective.

I've had my Covid Vaccination

The following update is to advise clients on the current J7 COVID-19 policy.

J7 continues to adopt the precautionary approach to COVID-19 measures. Despite Government rules and advice easing, we are seeing the highest rates of infection amongst clients and others than ever before.

J7 cannot serve our customer base effectively if we risk being infected. It is therefore the case that we will continue to follow common sense scientific precautions which often evade the official guidance. All support and development work will continue to be carried out remotely where and when possible. This ensures the safety of our clients and J7 staff. Given the high case numbers, we believe that now is not the time to take unnecessary risks.

The only reason for a site visit will be where the work cannot be carried out remotely, such as hardware installation or repair. The decision to attend a site visit will be determined in discussion with the client but the final decision will be made by J7.

If a site visit is required, then J7 will continue to collect and record the contact details of all those who we are in contact with when on site. This data will be held securely for 21 days as per Government guidelines and subject to our GDPR policies.

When J7 staff do attend on site then they will carry hand-sanitiser which will be used upon arrival and departure from the client premises and when moving between client computers or workstations. In addition, a face mask will continue to be used at all times when moving around the client site and when social distancing is not possible when seated. There will only be a few exclusions, such as eating or drinking refreshments. We would ask that all clients observe the same face covering guidance and we reserve the right to terminate a site visit if adequate safeguards are felt not to be in place.

Where social distancing would not normally be possible, such as 'hands-on' training then we will remotely access the client computer from a nearby desk to minimise the need for close working.

In the event that any key member of J7 staff is ill, whether that be through COVID-19 or any other regular illness, then J7 has backup support personnel in place who will be able to step in and assist in such a situation. However, we wish to avoid this situation if at all possible.

If anybody at the customer site has symptoms of COVID-19 or is in quarantine (self-isolation) then J7 staff will not attend but will be happy to remotely connect to assist. This is to protect J7 staff and other clients.

Where a member of staff at a client is unvaccinated through personal choice, then J7 may exercise our choice not to work in close proximity with that member of staff. This is to protect J7 staff and other clients.

If you wish to discuss any of these issues, then please contact me by emailing info@j7mis.co.uk



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