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Strategic Plan


  • Bellyeoman Community Council aims to be accessible to all areas of the community, welcoming and representing their views in a fair, balanced and progressive way.
  • We will liaise with Fife Council, along with representatives from other relevant public services, in a collaborative and constructive manner to enhance all local amenities.
  • We will encourage appropriate participation from everyone and positively promote their initiatives to foster a community spirit. Our overall vision is that our area is a safe, friendly and welcoming place that our community (and its visitors) can enjoy.

Strategic Overview –
we will...

... carry out a regular strategic review of the vision and goals of Bellyeoman Community Council, identifying ways which we can enhance our area and achieve our mission.

Planning – email
we will...

... help ensure the right development for the right place, maximising both green corridors and relevant facilities for the community. Also providing representation on planning related issues within our jurisdiction where we feel this is appropriate. We will play an active part on local and national strategic plans.

Public Services – email
we will...

... liaise with Fife Council and other relevant bodies in order to optimise the level of public services within our community, through fostering productive and understanding relationships with each sector.

Environment – email
we will...

... identify opportunities to enhance the environment in which we live through encouragement of green areas, recreational facilities and safe spaces.

Education – email
we will...

... build relationships with local education and help foster an awareness of their role within the community, facilitating additional education opportunities where possible. We will also work closely with Fife Council to help ensure the adequacy of these provisions, where this is appropriate.

Community Outreach – email
we will...

... liaise with and promote local support groups, endeavouring to ensure that adequate provisions are in place for vulnerable groups within the community, as well as promoting a widespread awareness of these services.

Community Spirit – email
we will...

... organise and promote local events to foster a community spirit, involving all segments of the community through actively encouraging participation of members of the public, local community services and relevant support groups.

PR and Marketing – email
we will...

... positively promote the community as a whole, the work of the Community Council and the role we aim to fulfil.


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