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Donald Street Telephone Box Public Telephone Box Removal at Donald Street - Consultation

BT are proposing to remove the public telephone box at the corner of Donald Street and Townhill Road as part of a wider rationalisation of call boxes. In an age when most people have mobile phones, is this understandable or do you feel that it still provides an essential service to the community? Find out more about the proposals and how you can comment here.

First posted: 27-Aug-2019 Last updated: 27-Aug-2019
Children's Panel Children's Panel Volunteers Required

To find out about volunteering read the poster linked here and attending one of their informal sessions in August and September 2019.

First posted: 25-Aug-2019 Last updated: 25-Aug-2019
Fife Council - Events Advice Fife Council - Events Advice

To find out more about organising an event in Fife, please see the Fife Council guide for information which you may find useful if your organisation is organising any events for your area.

First posted: 28-May-2019 Last updated: 28-May-2019
Dementia Friendly Fife Dementia Friendly Fife

To find out more about Dementia Friendly Fife and to become a Dementia Friend, click here.



First posted: 18-Feb-2019 Last updated: 18-Feb-2019
Railway Steps Repaired Railway Steps - Repaired and re-opened:
A big thank you to the team from Fife Council who have repaired the steps in double-quick time - and a great job too.

Update: we continue to ask the Council to keep on top of the maintenance of the path and the overgrown weeds and bushes. The steps look quite different now, unfortunately.

First posted: 18-Mar-2018 Last updated: 27-Aug-2019
Food Waste Food Waste Bags:
Fife Council is currently experiencing delays in delivering food waste in West Fife.

Fifers are now able to pick up food waste bags with their books next time they visit the library, and after their swim at leisure centres in Fife.

Resource Efficient Solutions (RES), Fife Councils arms-length company, have teamed up with Fife Cultural Trust (FCT) and Fife Sports and Leisure Trust (FSLT) to sell food waste bags for Fife Council supplied caddies through ONFife libraries and Fife’s leisure centres. The bags are sold for £1.30 per roll of 25 bags.

Simon Jeynes, Technical Officer for Resource Efficient Solutions, said: “Food waste bags will now be available from ONFife libraries as well as at Leisure Centres in Fife.

“We are continuing to look at the best way to provide food waste bags to households in Fife and will monitor the sale of food waste bags to help us decide how best to provide them in the long term.

We hope that Fife Council is not reneging on its role as waste collector for the tax payers of Fife?

First posted: 23-Feb-2018 Last updated: 23-Feb-2018
Bridge Crack


Kingseat Bridge Crack:
The Community Council was alerted at their November meeting to defects spotted on the Kingseat Road bridge which crosses the old Townhill railway track. Cllr Gavin Ellis took this matter up with colleagues at Fife Council and an engineer's inspection was carried out the next day. We are pleased to report that Fife Council are satisfied that the defect is superficial and they have previously noted this when routinely inspecting the bridge.

These types of defect can occur when uneven settlement occurs but as long as they are superficial in nature then they pose no threat to road users or pedestrians.

Community Council Secretary, Graeme Whyte, said "It was reassuring that this matter had been acted upon so quickly and with such a positive outcome. We thank the engineers at Fife Council and Cllr Ellis for acting so quickly on this matter."

First posted: 10-Nov-2017 Last updated: 10-Nov-2017

Dog Fouling Issues


Dog Fouling:
The Community Council continues to receive ongoing reports of selfish owners not clearing up after their dogs. This problem affects all areas. As the evenings draw in, some owners seem to think that they do not need to pick up in the dark. Let's be extra vigilant and catch these selfish people who would allow our public areas to be filthy Other problems reported include owners hanging poo bags in bushes and trees! If you know the identity of the culprits then please let us know.

Safer Communities Officers are responsible for dealing with Dog Fouling Complaints. More information can be found on the Fife Council website or by telephoning the Safer Communities Officers on 03451 55 00 22 or by emailing

First posted: 13-Feb-2013 Last updated: 27-Aug-2019

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