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Grit Bin Refills

Fife Council provides grit bins to assist the local community (on a self-help basis) on minor housing estate roads and footpaths which are not on Primary Routes or Priority 1 and 2 footways. Bins are also provided at known trouble spots, including steep gradients and sharp bends.

Grit bins are re-filled on an ad-hoc basis throughout the course of the winter season e.g. customer request.

If your grit bin is empty you can request a refill online by clicking here or by phoning 03451 55 00 11.

Requests will be actioned normally within 5 working days and bins are filled with a 1:3 mixture of salt and sand/grit.

Grit Heaps - During extended severe weather conditions, the Winter Manager will provide grit heaps (subject to available resources) as requested by elected members, or representatives of Community Councils. These will only be used in severe winter weather conditions to support a local body as a Community Council in seeking to play a facilitating role for local community efforts on minor roads and footways that have not yet been treated. To improve the issue, delivery and site management of the grit heap, these will be issued in 1T builder's sacks to agreed locations


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Last updated: 13-Apr-2021